One late evening this week, the foals we've purchased last month finally arrived at Primrose High Manor. They came in three trailers, and reached their destination shortly before midnight. As it was very late, Ann and a helper just released them to their open barn where the could go to sleep immediately if they were tired, or do whatever they want. Most off them, in fact all except Marina went into the barn and cuddled together  in the hay. She was running around on the pasture all night till finally she went to rest, too, though in one of the box stalls, and not with the others .

The next morning all of them woke early and were exploring their new home, even before Ann came in to feed them. After that she let them out onto one of the big pastures by the creek, where they ran around like a small herd.
These cuties are WEC At First Sight, HAF Standing Ovation, YRH Picture Perfect, HAF Dream Come True, RHS Frosted Magic and EEC Above And Beyond. Only MSE Apollo's Lyre is missing in this picture.
All their profiles are up, iof you want to take a look at them. We're definitely looking forward to working with this buch of talented horses.
3/25/2012 06:23:54 pm

So many future champions up there! :D

3/25/2012 11:59:55 pm

I sure hope so :)


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