New Owners announced!
Hey guys! Here is our July Crop. 

This time all foals are sired by Loveletter. Inicially it was planned otherwise, but somehow I got stuck with him. nevertheless they're a bunch of adorable and highly athletic foals. Today we offer two colts and three fillies. 

This crop includes the first ever foal out of WEC At First Sight, and the first filly out of PRH Escalade that will be available to the public.

I will choose new owner next weekend when I'm back from my vacation (without any internet access I might add).

Here's a sneak peak: :)

New owners Announced!

We are pleased to announce that our first foal crop will be for sale this month.
We offer three fillies sired by supreme Hanoverian stallions PRH Loveletter and PRH All That Jazz.

Go check them out under the sales page.
It took some time, but after all I can present you with:

Round Water Bucket

You are tired of always having to place the rather huge through in your selfmade stalls, so the horses have something to drink?

Here's the solution: a completely functional round water bucket. The horses can drink from it, just as with the through, and the water level falls as they do so.
It comes in three preset colors, and has two recolorable channels: the bucket itself, and the rim.
You can find it in Decor/Miscellaneous.
(Sometimes the horses don't drink right from the bucket, but to the left of it. This is due to the footprint, which is still the original. Sorry, I can't fix that right now. But you can just go to buy mode and put the horse in the right place, and it'll continue drinking in the right spot.)

Download as Sims3pack or as package.

After an exhausting weekend taking part in Runzo's 3 Day Event, Ann and her horses came home. And after a few days wait the results finally came back. Considering it was their first competition apart from the Stallion Show, they did a great job. PRH Loveletter even got an overall honorable mention and placed thirs in the cross-country course.
One late evening this week, the foals we've purchased last month finally arrived at Primrose High Manor. They came in three trailers, and reached their destination shortly before midnight. As it was very late, Ann and a helper just released them to their open barn where the could go to sleep immediately if they were tired, or do whatever they want. Most off them, in fact all except Marina went into the barn and cuddled together  in the hay. She was running around on the pasture all night till finally she went to rest, too, though in one of the box stalls, and not with the others .

The next morning all of them woke early and were exploring their new home, even before Ann came in to feed them. After that she let them out onto one of the big pastures by the creek, where they ran around like a small herd.
These cuties are WEC At First Sight, HAF Standing Ovation, YRH Picture Perfect, HAF Dream Come True, RHS Frosted Magic and EEC Above And Beyond. Only MSE Apollo's Lyre is missing in this picture.
All their profiles are up, iof you want to take a look at them. We're definitely looking forward to working with this buch of talented horses.
Today in the wee hours of morning, Ann packed up all the stuff that was left at her home at Talihina Sky Stables and brought it to her car. Varoious bags, boxes and suitcases were already scattered around next to her car. She had fastened the trailer the day before with the help of Cathy, who was already on her way to their new home, having taken Smokey and Pretty with her. Ann huffed a sigh of relief when she dropped the last suitcase next to her car. "Puh. Now all I have to do is pack the last stuff of the horses and get them into the trailer."  

That was easier said than done. It was no problem for Ann to get the horses last tack, including the halters they wore the day before, when they were out on the pasture.
But then the problems started. Loveletter was still sleeping, when Ann came to get him, and was really grumpy that he to leave his stall. He and Jazz had been running around on the pasture till late the last evening, so they wouldn't be too jumpy for the ride. So naturally Loveletter was tired now, as he really overdid it the day before. When Ann started to bandage his legs for the ride, he begann pulling them away and snapping at her. Ann nearly lost her nerves. She was sure, Loveletter sensed her excitement over finally moving to the new facilities and acted according to it. After lots of treats and pats, she fainally convinced him to go into the trailer, where he immediately started whinnying for his compagnon. That one, however was a lot easier to get into the trailer. He was already awake and merrily looked around at all the commotion caused by his friend. So let himself be let into the trailer easy and that calmed down his friend. 
Because of all the commotion concerning Loveletter, it had gotten later than Ann anticipated by the time, Jazz was savely in the trailer. So she hurried to make one last round through the house to look for left stuff and then put the last two bags into the car. Soon she had started the engine and was cheerfully waving goodby to Talihina Sky Stables.

In the early afternoon they finally arrived at PRH. Julia Sommers was already there to greet them, and Pretty and Smokey were already running around in one of the pastures near the gate. She hat put her horse, Roselyn, a stunning chestnut with lots of chrome, in one of the stalls near the main house, so she could meet the new additions.
While Ann was thrying to calm down Loveletter who had noticed a foreign horse, Julia had already unloaded Jazz and after taking off his leg wraps, she brushed him tying a bond of friendship between them. After that Loveletter and Jazz were released onto a second pasture where Jazz directly begged for more patting.

Now everyone is settled at PRH and the rest of the horses should arrive tomorrow. Then their profiles will be up, too.